parental relationship

19/01/2018 00:00

Disagreements between parents and their children are quite normal and also our families in the Children´s Village are no exception. As many of our children come from difficult family backgrounds or some of them haven´t even experienced family life before, there is a high potential for conflicts. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the housemothers do not always agree with the behavior of their children and the other way round. For our housemothers and their assistants it can be very challenging to manage the daily tasks and to come up to their children´s expectations.
Ruth Sanchez, a psychologist specializing in intra-familial relations, focused on this complex parental relationship in a seminar last Saturday. Intending to raise the teenagers´ awareness for their respective housemother´s roles and tasks in the village, she confronted the young adults with questions like “How should a perfect housemother be?” or “Is it true, that a housemother always knows best?”. By discussing the different opinions and experiences and through roleplayings the children could gain an insight in their “parents´” perspectives and ways of behaviour in specific situations.
The seminar also comprised a training to build self-awareness. The aim of Mrs. Sanchez was to provide her participants with the ability to communicate problems confidently but without being aggressive. Mutual understanding and respect are the key to a bond of trust which is essential for a well-functioning family life. 
The seminar was part of the Independent Living Program (ILP) which aims at preparing the adolescents living in MARIPHIL Children´s Village for an independent future.



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