MARIPHIL – organical, biological, and sustainable farming

01/02/2015 15:34

MARIPHIL Children’s Village has been turning its attention to the preservation of the environment as well as to a maximum of independent provisioning right from the beginning. Therefore, Rey, farmer at the village, has installed an entirely organic garden. There he cultivates everything from cucumbers and egg-plants through to squash and tomatoes. Those vegetables are used to feed the children, the housemothers, and the volunteers. The plants grow splendidly by use of the fertilizer which is based on the compost of the village that Rey and his assistants produce on their own. Besides the vegetables, other delicacies can be found in his garden, too: mangos, papayas, coconuts, and bananas. Every now and then, if you take a closer look at the trees, you can discover a few kids on top who couldn’t resist the sweet fruits – who can blame them really?!
Once a week, all the MARIPHIL scholars from the village and those from the neighborhood meet for the gardening where they help Rey’s small team. Those Saturdays enrich Rey’s work, because there he can share his knowledge about organic and sustainable farming with some interested children. Furthermore, the biological farming of a bunch of animals is an important learning field. And in addition to the homegrown vegetables, it provides the Children’s Village regularly with meat and fish. Last November, the sow had given birth to the impressive number of 16 baby piglets! Today, six piglets, two hogs, and seven goats live on the compound and more are to be expected due to the pregnancy of three of the goats. Last, but not least, you can find hundreds of still very small fish in our pond.
So far, our homegrown vegetables and the meat are not yet enough to supply the Children’s Village. Therefore, additional food has still to be bought at the public market. However, Rey’s defined goal for the future is to be able to feed the village entirely by its own products. By working relentlessly in both garden and stable, he contributes daily to our goal: to achieve an autonomous provision of the village little by little.                                                              

Typical sight: farmer Rey wearing his straw hat and great view from the water tower: a part of the garden behind the Children´s Village.




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