MARIPHIL Cooking Book 2016 Part 1: Mango Float

21/02/2016 01:19

Let’s introduce, the MARIPHIL Cooking Book – Pot Pinoy! The book will be available in July 2016 in Germany. It includes over 25 delicious Filipino recipes, cooked directly in the Children’s Village by the housemamas, the volunteers and the children! We also prepare fascinating articles that give insights into the Filipino food culture. Laaaami kaayo!

To shorten the waiting time we will post an authentic and delicious recipe every two weeks. Let’s start with the evergreen Mango Float!

Cook: Mama Sanette

Time: 20 minutes prepartion + 4 hours waiting time

Amount: for 10 persons



·         2 kg mature mangos

·         200 grams sweetened condense milk

·         400 grams sweet cream

·         2 packages of sweet biscuit


1. Slice the mangos into this pieces and mix the sweetened consense milk with the sweet cream

2.Take a large box to layer the Mango Float. First, cover the ground with the biscuit. Then add the mango slices followed by a few spoons of the mixed cream. Now repeat to layer the biscuits, mango slices and cream until the box is filled. At the end fill up the box with the rest of the cream and sprinkle some crushed biscuits on top.

3 Now, everything comes into the refrigerator for at least for hours. Defrost the Mango Float for one or two hours in the fridge before serving.



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