MARIPHIL Cooking Book 2016 Part 2: BBQ Sticks & Activity

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BBQ Sticks – Part 2 of our recipe series: MARIPHIL Cooking Book 2016

In the Philippines, the people love to grill. The Barbeque is an event for everyone. Often the family, friends or the neighbours are invited to join and a festive vibe develops. Popular places are located directly at the shores for example at the Panabo City Seawall. People enjoy their free time and drink a chilled Red Horse or their favourite Tanduay rum. In the Children’s Village of cause, there is no alcohol. Nevertheless, a frolic feeling transforms the BBQ session to small party. Die older boys take care of the grill, the little ones play around and the girls help to prepare the salad, the marinade and the sauce. The blaze is fuelled by a charcoal made out of coconut – a very effective and cheap alternative compared to wood charcoal.

Have fun with your BBQ session!


Cook: Mama Jean & Weller

Time: Preparation: 1 to 2 hours, Time to let the meat draw: 5 to 6 hours. Time to grill: 30 minutes.

Amount: For the whole Children’s Village



4 kg Chicken

3 kg Pork

1kg Red Pepper

250 sticks


250 ml Vinegar

2 Medium Onions

1 Piece of Garlic

1 Litre Soy Sauce

Magic Sarap (as you taste)

Salt & Pepper

Sauce (filipino style):

200 ml Tomato Paste

500 ml Soy Sauce

2 Medium Onions

Two Table Spoons Sugar

Magic Sarap (as you taste)

1 Piece of Garlic

Salt & Pepper



  1. Clean the meat and the red pepper and chop it afterwards.
  2. Cut the onions and the garlic to tiny pieces and mix them with the ingredients of the marinade.
  3. Mix the meat with the marinade and let it draw for 5 to 6 hours.
  4. Gently roast the second batch of the onions and the garlic. Add the ingredients of the sauce and let it boil for a short time. Let it cool down before serving.
  5. Spike the meat and the red pepper on the sticks.
  6. Prepare the blaze of the grill and place the sticks directly on the grid. Make sure, that the distance between blaze and grid is high enough so that the meat will be grilled evenly. Distribute the rest of the marinade on the meat, so that it won’t dry out.

Have a nice meal!



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