Leadership Training

12/10/2017 00:00

Formation of “Children´s Village Parliament”
„Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” was the motto of a Leadership-Training for all children 15 and above last Saturday. Main purpose was to familiarize the participants with democratic values and to prepare the already existing Children´s Village Parliament for its practical work. The president and the elected members of the parliament - officially known as “Millennial Leaders Youth Organization - MARIPHIL Children´s Village (MCV) - are going to represent the children´s interests in the future.
The seminar was conducted by a lecturer of “University of Mindanao”. In presentations and activities he focused on topics like “character building”, “communication” and “teamwork” and together, the participants identified the characteristics of a good leader. Finally, every single member of the new parliament declared solemnly to stick to his or her rights and duties as a future leader in MARIPHIL Children´s Village.
By experiencing democratic structures in daily life our children get the chance to learn how to take responsibility for themselves and others. They should experience that they can make a difference, that their voices are heard and their opinion matters. Through active participation they are able to significantly contribute to community life in MARIPHIL Children´s Village!



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