Fire drill in the Children's Village

20/04/2018 00:00

„Sunog! Fire!“ was shouted out earlier this week in the Children´s Village. The fire department of Panabo had arrived - but fortunately only for a fire drill!
In addition to activities that focus on fun and games, the holiday season is also used to carry out other necessary activities. Last Tuesday the Bureau of Fire Protection of Panabo City conducted a seminar and practical fire drill in order to refresh the knowledge on how to behave properly in case of fire. First of all, the participants theoretically discussed the line of action in the event of fire: Sound the alarm, make an emergency call, inform others… What do I have to do first? Every child and every housemother of MARIPHIL should be well prepared for an emergency. The fire fighters were very impressed by the knowledge of our children and so we could quickly move on to the practical part.
Once all families had returned to their respective houses, the fire department sounded the alarm. Thick wads of smoke spread over the area. Now it was up to the residents to proof that they could practically implement what was discussed earlier. The exercise was very successful: Everyone stuck to the escape route, kept calm and got into safety. Afterwards, the housemothers were encouraged to make use of the fire extinguisher in order to conquer the flames. Very smoky, but effective!
We would like to thank the Bureau of Fire Protection for taking their time to conduct this useful fire drill! Salamat kaayo!



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