Children`s Rights on the Philippines

16/12/2016 03:27

Enormous need for action: realization of children's rights in the Philippines
Children's rights are defined as the special rights of children who take into account the need for protection of a child and are specifically geared to their needs.
Although the Philippines has signed the Universal Children's Rights Convention and are therefore willing and committed to implementation, the realization is still far off in view of the numerous forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children.
In spite of a ban, approximately four million children work, sometimes up to 15 hours a day, under dangerous and harmful conditions. The poverty of their families forces them to accept such inhumane work in order to survive. These children do not go to school at all or only irregularly, so they are not given access to qualified work at a later stage and they have to work in poorly paid jobs and live from hand to mouth.
Many children who live in poverty, with family conflicts or violence, flee from home to the street. The lowest estimate is 80,000 street children, while other organizations estimate that there are over 1.5 million street children in the Philippines. Many of them practice illegal activities such as theft, drug trafficking or prostitution.
On Mindanao there are thousands of street children denied access to the children's rights. MARIPHIL is committed to putting the rights of children on the social agenda and to be a representative of the weakest people. With your help we can change the life and future of these children for the better



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