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05/06/2017 11:40


With the month of may the second half of the holiday program of the volunteers 

ended. In the last two weeks many different kind of activities were offered: during the day there were creative workshops as sewing hammocks (recycling of the background set up of the musical :) ), tie-dying t-shirts or crafting drums. Through group-dynamical games the sports fun was also not missed out. Evenings turned 

into long film nights, bonfire bondings and girls-sleepover in the children’s hall.










Furthermore a comprehensive project could finally get started: 

a „chill-out-area“ for our teenagers! 

Under supervision of the volunteers the boys and girls began 

building a safe haven where they can hang out with their friends 

of the children’s village and relax after long school days.









Finally, there was one more highlight: an outing of the whole MARIPHIL family to the close by „Manaklay Beach and Park Resort“. In glorious sunshine one could dabble in the water and play beach volleyball all day long. 


At the end of the day the group drove back home fatigued but filled with joy.





Thank you very, very much on behalf of all children and volunteers for enabling a summer holiday program full of amazing projects also this year!!



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