First of all we want to cordially invite you to visit the Children’s Village. There is nothing we want less than to appear unapproachable – feel free to come here and take a look around the Village! However, the distance from Germany is obviously very far, which is why we posted some photos in our picture gallery to help all of you get an impression of the MARIPHIL Children’s Village.

The Children’s Village provides a loving and caring home to street children. For most of them it is the first time in their lives, that they experience clear structure and a benign environment.

The children who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, given up by their families and society, or even neglected, abandoned and repelled, are far too young. They are far too young to lose their parents and simultaneously their foothold on life. What are the chances for them to escape the cycle of poverty without any education and role models? Without any prospects for the future, the street becomes their home – sometimes forever. Who helps them and takes some action against these circumstances? WE do. WE do with the help of YOU!

It is our main aim to give a new home to children who live on the streets of Panabo without any parental care and support. The community of the MARIPHIL Children’s Village welcomes orphans, children who have been abandoned by their parent figure, neglected, abused or misused with open arms.

A child that spent its first years of life without any parental guidance and got to know life on the streets is greatly influenced by that experience. Things such as giving attention, care, a clear structure, instructions and a tranquil interaction with others are completely new to the children. This is why there are always professional psychologists, social workers, educators, nurses and most importantly house-mamas available to the kids, who can support the child adjusting to the new environment step by step with so called “Help Plans”. It is our aim that the children are able to process their past experiences and to give them the prospect of a fair future full of opportunities. We want them to be able to act like children.

Our main focus is on the family structure in the different houses. There is a house-mother in each of the houses who is responsible for up to ten children and takes care of them like a real mother. It is a completely new experience for the children to have a real family with a loving “mother” and considerate “siblings”, but after a short period of acclimatization one can notice a positive development in every child.


MARIPHIL Children's Village
Prk. Takway, Brgy. Nanyo
Panabo City
Davao del Norte 8105

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