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  • 28/06/2017 15:48

    Tutorials in the evening

                                 Another important project which could be realized through the generous donation of Swiss NAC Youth - besides the construction of a ringway - are tutorials for our children in the...

  • 21/06/2017 09:00

    Why not - coconut ?!

  • 14/06/2017 12:39

    Improvement of our Facility through Donation of Swiss NAC Youth

    Thanks to a generous donation of Swiss New Apostolic Church (NAC) Youth we were enabled to implement a substantial project in MARIPHIL Children´s Village: the construction of a cemented ringway which is connecting all eight houses as well as the office and the so-called Gym in the center. This...

  • 07/06/2017 14:45

    Back to School

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." (Nelson Mandela)

  • 05/06/2017 11:40

    About creativity and team spirit

      With the month of may the second half of the holiday program of the volunteers  ended. In the last two weeks many different kind of activities were offered: during the day there were creative workshops as sewing hammocks (recycling of the background set up of the musical...

  • 23/05/2017 16:37

    Quote of May

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. (Eleanor Roosevelt)                              

  • 19/05/2017 15:24

    The Lion King Musical in the children's village

    Last Sunday the time had come: after two intensive weeks full of practicing, preparing costumes and creating the stage decoration our children finally presented their first own musical.                 The emotional performance of „The Lion...

  • 11/05/2017 09:49

    Musical atmosphere in the children´s village

    With the month of May the four-week holiday program organized by the German volunteers has started. In the first two weeks it´s all about the musical “The Lion King” and Simba, Nala and their friends have already won the hearts of our children. As a highlight of the thematic weeks there will be a...

  • 28/04/2017 09:46

    April Quote

    If you jump into the cold water, you dive into an ocean full of possibilities - finnish proverb

  • 16/04/2017 09:45

    Easter Greetings

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