Far, far away from our project partners in Germany, in the western part of the Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia, there is the Republic of the Philippines. On one of its 7.107 islands, to be specific: in the most southern group of islands called Mindanao, you will find Panabo, a medium-sized, rather pleasant city. You happen to know this place already? Exactly, this is where the MARIPHIL Children´s Village with its 60 young residents is located! You´ve probably already heard a lot of the village and maybe some pictures have given you a good first impression. But how exactly is the kids’ daily life? What do they do from dawn till dusk? And how do people and the region in the vicinity of the children’s village look like? 

Here you will get an intense and touching insight into the lives of both, the MARIPHIL children and the people of Panabo: OUR HOME

You will only get a better impression if you visit us in hte Philippines :)

News from the Children's Village

  • 15/06/2016 23:14

    "Larong Lahi"

    Traditional Philippine games, having a meal together, dance performances and a lot of fun – at the summer party “Larong Lahi” the gym of the children’s village was transformed in a place for...

  • 15/06/2016 23:12

    Rock the Village!

    End of June, Fernandez’ Band rocked the village with its best of cover songs and awesome vibes! It was a festive evening and we couldn’t stop dancing. Jinkai and her band transformed the villages gym...

  • 15/06/2016 23:10

    Fire Drill in the Village

    Dramatic scenes in the children’s village, emergency, screaming children and smoke all over the place! Fortunately, those images aren’t real! But if it comes to the worst case, everyone needs to be...

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Mariphil Children's Village
Prk. Takway, Brgy. Nanyo
Panabo City
Davao del Norte 8105

(+63) 920 216 7874
(+49) 152 06653855

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